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Our goal was to put together the best real estate investing site on the planet featuring all kinds of great information about real estate short sales, how to lease option, and real estate cash flow. Our real estate investing FAQ and real estate investing guide is a great free resource to get started with. We hope you’ll find our resources extremely insightful and useful.

Please Note: Unfortunately, due to the growing size of our mailing list, we are no longer able to offer our amazing wholesaling real estate course for free. It can however, be had for the extremely low price of just $10. We are working to make the world a better place so using your $10, $2 will be used to cover hosting and related expenses. The other $8 will be donated anonymously to the charity of our choice. If you are interested in donating to your own charity, donate at least $10 and send us a copy of the donation receipt to support at theinvestortoday dot com. We will then add you manually to our mailing list forgoing the hosting costs. We hope to use our wholesaling real estate course to help make the world a little bit better of a place to live. Honestly, the value in the course is better than a $5000 weekend seminar and everyone on our team has taken them all. You can’t get anything in real estate for $10 (besides this course) so it’s still beyond fair. It’s really a small price to pay to learn how to invest in real estate. Thanks for your support.

($47 value) Real Estate Investing Course – only $10!
Save Thousands of Dollars on Overpriced Guru Seminars!
Matthew David’s how to buy and wholesale real estate -
For beginners and advanced investors.

Learn how to:

Buy income properties with no cash, credit or financing.

Resell to qualified investors for a quick profit.

Use the 10 golden rules of all real estate wholesaling.

Learn how to swing a pen so you never pick up a hammer or nail.

Use a systematic marketing plan to bring deals right into your lap.

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Comments From Other Readers:

“It was a lot more information than I expected from a free course.”
–Julian Reynolds,  Franklin, Ohio

“I met Matt a few years ago when prospecting online. He was working on some progressive real estate investing strategies, which he later shared with me. What struck me about Matt was his propensity for honest and openness. He shared methods and tools he has used for years to make a VERY healthy living in real estate investing.

I was a little doubtful at first that someone so successful would share their exact secrets and methodologies; and then I learned why Matt shares as much as he does. Matt explained that most people in this world simply don’t have the motivation to go out there and face their investing fears.

More important than the best investment strategies in the world, Matthew reminds us that when we overcome our fear of investing, success is only a matter of hard work, persistence and good follow up. I continue to use Matthew David’s methods in my real estate practice today. His timeless strategies can be applied in any market.”
–Paul Hitchings, Walnut Creek, California

“I can’t tell you how much your information has enlightened me. I am learning each time I read your material… and I especially enjoy the video of the week…it truly does inspire…it is a favorite part of my week. Thank you so much for your mission in your life which I believe is to educate others in this arena. Thanks again.”
–N. Angeline Russell, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“I can’t believe this stuff actually works. You give a great overview that anyone can follow.”
–Anna Gertzen, London, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve been using these strategies for 3 years to make money with property.  My best month ever was over $31,000! I wish I could go back in time so I hadn’t spent so much on seminars before I found out about you guys.”
–Barry Graham, West Palm Beach, Florida

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