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In no particular order…

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Attracting the Right Types of Tenants

Real Estate Investing with a full time job, Real Estate Investing with a day job, Part Time Real Estate Investing
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Getting Top Employees – New Age Techniques

The Secret To Getting Your Lease-Options Sold The Same Day

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Real Estate Investing Secrets, Free Real Estate Investing Secrets
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Some of my real estate articles are actually now featured on REI club, the biggest real estate investing website on the planet. Throughout my each and every real estate article, you’ll find loads of useful information but also note that the original version of each is hosted on this site first. I am not just trying to teach you the essential skills that you will need to make money through real estate investing but I also aim to inspire you to change your life for the better. That starts with the commitment to overcome whatever challenges you encounter along the way. I’ve known many investors who learned the techniques and have read all the real estate articles but they don’t get up and apply their knowledge. It’s astounding how many people read a real estate book or take a guru course and they don’t go out and apply the techniques. I believe that with your mind in the right state of inspiration combined with the right knowledge and skills, success is assured. Is it time to take what’s yours? Is it time to inspire others to better things? Only you know for sure.


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