Getting Top Employees – New Age Techniques

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If you’ve followed all the things we’ve talked about, then your real estate business should have grown by leaps and bounds. What do you do when it’s time to recruit some help with your business?

Individual entrepreneurs will often struggle with finding motivated employees that will make a difference in their company. What do you do right now to find top employees? Chances are everything you do is what everyone else is doing. You may advertise in a newspaper, job website or through an HR company. Then you interview some employees to determine which one you feel is the best fit for your organization. I invite you to a new type of “out of the box thinking.” Simply put, if you do what everyone else is doing, you’re only going to get everyone else’s results. To reach that next level, you simply can’t be like everyone else.

How Do Top Schools Get the Best Athletes?

Well duh. They recruit them. So why do you patiently wait for employees to come to you through your advertisements? Chances are you know a competitor who’s paying less and is getting all kinds out productivity of at least one of their employees. Make them an offer. Find out the who’s who in your field and find someone you can give a more fulfilling opportunity to.

Go looking for employees in a competitor’s business. In order to be the best, you must act like the best.

Learn to See Potential Instead of “Already Is” and Don’t Over-Exaggerate Qualifications

I’ve always felt that education is the most valuable thing but traditional school is overrated. The most important traits for employees are actually attitudes and behaviours. If their attitudes and behaviours are right, often the level of schooling will reflect that anyways. But what about people whose life circumstances prevented them from going to school or students who are currently on their way? There’s lot of people out there with the lack of education to demand a big pay check but they are currently making excellent employees for companies at very insignificant wages. Have you ever gone to a fast food restaurant and seen one employee that is clearly heads and above everyone else? They are positive and efficient in their work and yet they are still making pennies to work there. That is exactly why I call “potential.” These are exactly the types of people I make offers to. Given their lack of work experience as well, they are generally prone to working harder for you to prove that you gave them a chance for a reason.

You should not be able to go anywhere and buy anything without seeing potential employees. This is especially true for jobs within your company that don’t require a technical skill to complete. It should be most important that a person by positive, motivated, hard working, efficient and punctual. Just learn to open your eyes and see these people in other places. Start up a conversation with them. Find out how their current job is going. Find out what they like about it. Fill in the pieces to your company puzzle like this.

To Hell With Resumes

That’s what everyone else does. For the employment ads I have in traditional places, you’ll know they’re mine when they say things like “tell me in 3 sentences or less why you’re the right person for the job.” I do it because it forces people to think on their feet and it also saves me time from reading thousands of boring resumes. I need someone quick who can think on their feet and come up with well thought out creative answers. What’s more important anyways, a list of past employment history or proof that they can do the job here and now today? I can ask them any question I want but I stick things that apply to the real job. Potential employees learn in a real hurry that this is not the typical job interview.

Create Your Own Reality Show

Have you ever seen the reality show with Donald Trump? He puts them through such crazy tests so that when they finally achieve the goal, it’s really impossible to fail. When you’ve worked so hard to achieve something, it’s nearly impossible to give it up once you’re there. It creates this huge sense of accomplishment within those people. The key to creating your own reality show is to get people competing for things right off the bat to work towards the large goals.

Before even hiring employees, put them through a series of tests. Make them aware of what they’re up against as far as employees and your expectations. Don’t hire people, give great opportunities and have people work to get them. Have them show you through 2 or 3 interviews what they’re made of. Give them real life creative questions to get them thinking on their feet. I like to ask them things like say you are hired for [this said position], I always think that each person’s responsibility is greater than just their job. Knowing what you now know about us, how would you help us get more customers in the door without increasing spending? What could we do to improve our advertising? What would you do to make your own job better? Even as they struggle with good answers, it sets a real tone off the bat that they are responsible for the success of the company as a whole and are not limited to just their position. It requires them to use constant critical thinking instead of just worrying about the quick lazy fix. When you get 20 people in your company thinking like an owner to see efficiency and generating leads like you do, your company will take off in a hurry.

From day 1 when they are hired, lay out specific short term and long term goals to lead them to the next step in their employment. Let them tell you in private how much they’d like to make and where they’d like to advance to other positions in the company if at all. The two of you work out a series of goals to get there within the required time period. Just like your reality show, always be testing and putting new goals up. Make them constantly earn the next step and the next step after that. When they tell you what they want and you provide opportunities to get there, they will be extremely appreciative. In the end, you’ll have one hell of an employee.

Ask For the Best Employees

There’s only one way to be sure you’re getting the best. Find out who the best in your respective field are at other places of employment. Go after them. When you ask people who the best employee in a given field is, you’re bound to get a few answers from a few different places. One easy way to find top salespeople is to call another company and pretend to be interested in their product. Tell them you prefer to work with a top salesperson that knows their product well. Ask them who is their top salesperson? Find out some information about that person. The most honest answers about an employee are when they don’t realize it’s part of an interview or line or questioning.

Be Willing To Wait For the Right Fit

There is always the right person for your specific company and its needs out there. If you are willing to be patient and keep at your efforts, you will find them. Never fill a position just because it needs filling. To be the best requires no weak links in your company. Quick fixes always have drastic long term effects on a company. Keep your poker face on and call the world’s bluff. Alright so I love poker, what’s wrong with that? Smart poker players wait until they possess good hands before they get aggressive with their moves. Should it surprise you to know that professional players fold about 80% of their hands? Similarly, in finding employees, you’ll have to fold a lot more than play. Get aggressive when you find the right opportunity.

You stay classy San Diego.


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