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Learn how to short sale real estate and get the biggest property discounts you’ll ever see in your life

Dear Friend,

What if there was a way to buy properties for a mere fraction of what they are actually worth? Bank short sales are all the rage right now and there’s a good reason. A short sale is when the bank agrees to take less than what is owed for the value of a property to release clear title. There are almost limitless numbers of sellers who are being foreclosed on and the short sale possibilities are staggering. Using a short sale, you can create equity out of thin air by getting the bank to sell you the property at a steep discount. The banks have to and need to sell your their properties and you can use that to your advantage. The opportunities for doing short sales are limitless! I’ll show you won’t even need your own credit or income to make this work.

It sounds great, so what’s the problem?

It’s actually quite easy to get a bank to agree to do a short sale. They literally need you as an investor. There are tons of short sales listed with real estate agents all over the market right now. When a bank forecloses on a property, they are required by law to have 7x that amount in their fractional reserve holdings. For every $100,000 in foreclosed properties, they lose $700,000 in chartered lending ability and this doesn’t even include all the legal and insurance fees they’ll accumulate in the process. That lending ability is much more important than the value of any property to a chartered bank.

While it sounds great, banks are the most-savvy financial institutions in the world and they’re not exactly in the business of just giving away money just because we want them to. It’s very easy to get a bank to agree to a short sale but it’s quite another thing altogether though for them to get you a hefty discount. Without knowing how to get a hefty discount, you are wasting your time.

Big discounts = cash in your pocket
No discounts = just another real estate transaction

So how do we get the bank to give us a big discount?

The great news is that there is a methodology that when used will teach you how to get a very large discount on a property so that you can resell it a higher price and earn yourself a profit. In this course, I will teach you everything you need from start to finish. You’re going to learn:

      The ins and outs of what a bank short sale is and how the process works

      How to find the right sellers you need to work with so that you

      can make short sales work for you

      How to talk to sellers so you look like a professional every time

      Who to talk to at the bank and what to say

      How to make a very compelling case for a property so the bank will give you your price, not theirs

(< —– very important)

      How to attract a network of end buyers so that you can resell to them using their capital and credit and not yours

      How to present this short sale property to your end buyers so that they want to buy it from you

      How to regularly complete bank short sales and create a system on autopilot

      How to avoid the common pitfalls that regular investors encounter with title seasoning issues

      How to create win-win situations for everybody and look like a hero in the process

    All of this material is presented using easy to follow ebooks, videos, audio and supplemental documents

Doing all of this is a process and can be done with precision and accuracy. However, I want you to know that I’m not a “guru” and I don’t promise that everyone will get rich without doing anything. There are just too many variables and I don’t know anything about who you are as a person. I do promise you this though. These techniques work in the real world and if combined with hard work, you will most definitely make money. You’ll create mutually positive experiences for you and your sellers and earn a large pay check in the process. Don’t take my word for it though. See what others are saying about this short sale course that’s designed to generate real life real estate cash flow.

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“It’s the Most Comprehensive Short Sale Courses Ever Assembled. I don’t mean that it’s the longest written, it’s just the most honest no fluff short sale course ever written by an investor who has done and is doing this in the real world. That makes a big, big difference.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Matthew personally for over 5 years now. Matthew has personally worked with me on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of deals. I don’t just recommend his course because I think it works, I know it works.

He is an extremely inventive investor. Some of his techniques and methods cannot be found anywhere else. If there is a loophole in the system to be exploited, Matthew has found the way. He takes the extra step where the infomercial gurus stop because the infomercial sells $5000 seminars and doesn’t actually need to buy any real estate. His courses include step by step instructions with detailed how to videos and audio files to explain how anyone can negotiate a very profitable short sale.

He’s also made it a very fair price. For a fraction of the cost of other similar courses with significantly more value, buying this course is a no brainer. I’ve spent thousands on courses and haven’t learned nearly as much as Matthew has taught me. The specific details in this course are incredible.”
~Frankie Fihn


“I just finished negotiating my first short sale. This information really works! I mean wow… I can’t believe it actually worked. If you don’t believe me, sign up for his free wholesaling course and see for yourself.”
~Julian Reynolds


“Not that I don’t think the course is great, trust me it is but the real value is in the support. I can’t tell you how many purchases I’ve made online and it seems you never hear a response back from the customer support or it’s some incomplete answer that only leaves you with more questions that you have to wait a few more days to hear back from. I’ve probably asked at least 20 questions and never had to wait more than 24 hours for a very detailed answer. These guys know what they’re talking about and they have written me 1000 word emails that fully explain if I need something answered. There was one question the support team couldn’t answer and I talked to Matthew himself directly all in less than 2 hours from my support request. It’s much appreciated.”
~Suzanne B.


“To whom it may concern, I just wanted you to know that I did my first short sale and closed my first deal. It was great for someone new like me because I couldn’t have done it without this course. I didn’t even know where to pick up the check right originally but it was nice to find out. I definitely recommend this short sale course.”
~Patrick D.


“Dear investor today, thanks for the information in this course. My husband and I buy properties together here in California and I actually knew how to do a short sale before I bought this course. You taught us the more important part of getting the property at a great price. Our first short sale we almost made nothing after closing costs and it took such a long time for such a low return. It definitely wasn’t worth it financially but it was still a great learning experience though. Since we learned how to devalue a property using your information, our next short sale was not only approached from a different point of view and method but it was much more profitable. Thanks.”
~Emilia W.


“I haven’t done a short sale yet but I just wanted to write to tell you that I thought the short sale mastery course is a very good course. This is very good information.”
~Max B.

Take me to the checkout!

Recommended: USA ONLY

Bonus #1 – Short Sale Contracts

I’m going to include all of the standardized forms you will need with step by step instructions on how to fill them out. While this may not seem like a big bonus, I’ve never seen another course that actually included the necessary contracts or let alone explained how to fill them out. Almost every other real estate course will leave you without this vital piece of information. That’s why I wanted to make this course work for real life investors by giving you all the tools you’ll need in the real world. Without the contracts, you can’t just do this in the real world so I’m making sure you have everything to be a short sale investor. It’s not hype, just what really works.

Bonus #2 – How to Repair and Maintain Healthy Credit

You don’t need credit and/or capital to make this process work. However, trust me in that it’s extremely useful to have great credit. Most people don’t even know how their credit score is calculated, let alone how to fix it. Studies now indicate that 79% credit bureaus contain factual errors. I’ll show you how you can get a great credit score so your credit can be an asset for you. It’s not hard and it can be extremely valuable to get a great credit score.

I get it. How much?

Ok. Ok. You just want to know how much it costs, right? Before I tell you how much it costs, I want you to know what comparable courses sell for. I’ve spent as much as $5000 for a weekend seminar that didn’t have 1/10 of the actual specific how to information in this course. I don’t in any way regret it because it helped get me started but you should know that the $5000 didn’t cover a lot of specific details. In fact, I got really sick of the courses circling over and over talking about how much I was going to make but never actually telling me how to do a deal. You can’t walk out of the course and actually do a short sale. It didn’t include contracts and it didn’t include additional support if I had follow questions. There were holes galore. A lot of the specifics were missing and filled with dollar figures of how much money I was going to make. In fact, the support was an “up-sell” for 10s of $1000s in personal coaching and mentoring. Much of the more specific details, were additional things I could buy. The $5000 seminar wasn’t even the complete package! I don’t want to talk to you about how much money is in short sales, that much you should already know. I want to teach you how to actually short sale so that you too can create your own fortune.

What this short sale course doesn’t include:

  • Upsells, Hype, Bootcamps, coaching/mentoring, etc.
  • More expensive stuff to buy later.
  • Prelude to the “real information” which is available at a much higher price.

What this short sale course does include:

  • Everything you need to do a short sale for a one-time fee.
  • 24/7 customer support. In fact, you can contact me personally any time you like and I will do my best to respond within one business day.
  • All the paperwork you need to do a real-life transaction.

Why this product is not priced at $5000 for a few reasons:

  • Our products are electronic and so we don’t have the same overhead that a lot of competing products have
  • We want the people who need the information to be able to reasonably afford it
  • We believe in providing exceptional value for your money and in our opinion, an incomplete weekend seminar for $5000 is not fair value
  • We want to provide the world’s best short sale course, not the most profitable and well-marketed seminar
  • You pay for the information, not the marketing costs, hype and expensive hotel conference rooms

Matthew David’s Short Sale Mastery course can be had today for only…




Recommended: USA ONLY

During the last great depression, there were more millionaires created than any other time in history. This short sale opportunity is unparalleled and will not last. Every passing day you wait is a lost opportunity to cash in on the astounding number of short sale opportunities. Get started today.

Do you guarantee it?


Oh you better believe it! Buying a product isn’t just about the product you buy but the support you get after you buy it. It’s about whether or not the product was able to fulfillment your expectations long after the hype wears off. We’re so confident in our short sale mastery course, that we’ll let you get a full no questions asked refund any time in the next 180 days.

That’s right! You have up to a full 6 months to get your money back! No one else is even offering anything even remotely close to that. We believe in our short sale mastery course and we’re willing to put that into writing. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Recommended: USA ONLY

Reserve your copy today.


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