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So we’ve been planning to add a VIP section for a while now where we could have all kinds of premium content and access to exclusive webinars. However, we don’t want to be gurus and that’s not what is all about. You can get $5000 seminars and “get rich quick” courses elsewhere. We just want to show you how do it in the real world.

To unlock the premium content here, you will need to complete a survey of your choice. It’s free and only takes a minute. We picked the absolute shortest and quickest surveys possible for you to fill out. When you open a page, you should see a popup that gives you several choices of surveys in your geographic area. If you don’t, unfortunately your system maybe be blocking the popup. Try allowing popups for our site in your browser settings and reload the page.

This was our best way of getting quality content to you, earning a little for ourselves without you guys having to pay for it.

How to Devalue a Short Sale Property
Here are a list of places that you can start with when devaluing your short sales. You absolutely must devalue your short sale or you’re just doing a retail level deal. Devaluation is the difference between amateur investors and full time short sale real estate entrepreneurs.

How to SEO a real estate website
We’ll teach you how to rank a real estate website that can bring you a steady targeted stream of both motivated sellers and buyers in your area. Once you learn to master this you can make multiple sites that all bring steady leads for free from the search engines.

Case Study – How I Made $33k on My First Deal a Step by Step Guide
A short case study on how I made $33k on My First Deal and what you can do to replicate my success.










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